Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Evening Play Date

So when I was little the term "play date" didn't exist. Sure my mom would get together with her girlfriends who had kids my age and sure we would play but no one would have dubbed it a "play date." I was talking to one of my good friends today and we both agreed that our "play dates" consisted of our moms telling us to go play outside. We weren't allowed inside unless there was blood and then the situation would be accessed on the porch. After the knees were bandaged and the crying stopped we would then be told to "go play." Well times have changed! This evening Sophia had an evening play date with her friend Gracie from day care. As was pointed out by my husband, yes they get to play together all day long BUT we don't get to see them play. It's the cutest thing watching 1 year olds interact. The rain prevented us from pulling out the wagon but the girls still had a blast pushing one another on their ride-ons and tearing GiGi's kitchen completely apart.

And they say kids shouldn't play with plastic bags, phooey!


Stephanie said...

I sooooo need a new camera! Your pictures are so much better than mine and I am jealous! Thanks again for inviting us over, Gracie had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Those 2 little girls are just incredible to watch. I know they had a great time but I think I even enjoyed it more than they did. Can't wait till next time.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I always tell the boys I don't want to hear from them unless their eyes are bleeding or their heads are on fire! Just the other day they kept running in and out and I was telling Kenneth how we used to be sent outside with a pitcher of kool-aid on the picnic table and were dared to come in before dark! Those were the good ol' days. But we were always such good kids, that our parents didn't have to worry about what we were doing :-)