Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Room With a View

1 can of primer- $13.00
1 can of blue paint- $25.00
1 toy organizer- $48.00
2 valances and 1 curtain rod-$21
Getting a room together while working around a 1 year old- VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE

But somehow in less than 6 hours with the help of my mom we managed to convert the useless guest bedroom into a play room. I still need to add some finishing touches like blinds, pictures and shelves but for the most part the room is finished. We can throw in the toys and shut the door! Now the big question: will the toys "stay" in the play room?

I wish I had some before pictures. This has to be the world's smallest bedroom (I've seen bigger walk-in-closets). Before the room was god awful Marshall green, puke! But I'm not so sure that I'm digging the blue. What do you guys think? Of course no matter what I think of the color it will probably be a cold day you know where before GiGi grabs a roller anytime soon!

Little Bit gives the room her seal of approval!

I realize that this one doesn't show off the room, but isn't that the cutest seersucker jacket!


Anonymous said...

I love the blue and think the room turned out very cute. You'll have to post more pics when you get pictures up, etc.


Anne said...

cute cute cute!!! I think the blue's calming and cool and sleek... Good luck on the toys staying in that room though! lol

Wendy said...

Stumbled upon you blog and have had a great time reading it. I saw the pics on Anne's website. Her first birthday was gorgeous!! I love the blue color you picked. Similar to my daughters room, which has a picket fence theme, with that blue in the background for her sky. It is so fun!!

Janice said...

Love the room and the blue looks great. What you did in less than 6 hours would've taken me days to finish.

Love Sophie's picture where she's smiling - she looks so happy to have a playroom. Although I would have to say that the Fisher Price talking dog in the background is giving me the shakes - I have mine stashed away in our linen closet so I wouldn't have to hear it talk ;-) .

Anonymous said...

You did a great job. I noticed the dumptruck in the background :-)Next time you try to get your mom to lift the paint brush, keep in mind her favorite nephew-in-law is a professional painter! He could (and would)have had it done in about 30 minutes. Anyway...the room looks great! Let me know how successful you are at keeping the toys in there!!
BTW..went to doc today...looks like April 19 is D-DAY!!! I am definately in countdown mode!