Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Screaming Baby

So you are probably expecting a picture of Sophia in the throws of a tantrum. Pretty safe bet considering the last few days around here. Well this is a different type of screaming baby. It's a cake! I first saw the screaming baby cake almost two years ago when Lyndsay posted pictures of her baby shower. The next shower that I had anything to do with I so knew they were going to get a screaming baby cake. It's perfect! Why should we give cakes embellished with storks or booties when in reality the new parents are getting a "screaming baby!" The lucky winner of the cake is Jill a good friend from work. She's going to LOVE it!

The woman who made the cake does AMAZING work. She's making the cake for the party in a few weeks. I can't wait to see it!


Janice said...

Kim, that cake is awesome! I wish we had someone that makes that kind of cake around where I live.

Jaidean said...

That is a great idea - I love it!

Jami said...

what a fun cake! its almost too cute to eat.