Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Poor Little Bit

You'd think that I just told the kid that the Easter Bunny was shot during a drive by and Santa died from heart disease due to eating too many cookies. In reality she wants the hat off and she wants it off NOW! I have to admit that those elastic chin straps aren't the most comfortable things in the world. I remember one particular cousin thoroughly enjoying "snapping" every one's chin straps. Kelly I have not forgotten how mean you were to me! Just kidding, I love ya Kel.


Janice said...

She still looks CUTE even when she's mad!

Oh, and I LLLLLOOOOOVVVE the monogrammed undies! I'd like to get a pair for Ava. It's definitely more expensive to have a girl!

Anonymous said...

You and Shane must have memories of a different Kelly. I was a perfect little lady! I keep hearing all these horror stories about me, and I don't remember any of them. Although, I think I am getting my payback from my rambunctious boys!

Anonymous said...

I remember TWO little girls getting into all kinds of trouble TOGETHER ie.. wrecking go cart, washing a truck with Comet. Shane was the perfect one.