Saturday, February 24, 2007


Here's something you won't see everyday...a picture with me in it! Obviously not taken by me but by Anne after we finished up taking Sophia's 1st b-day pictures. Anne was nice enough to give me a few pointers with my camera. Talk about a lot to learn. But there's one thing that I have DEFINITELY learned, and that is that it's not "the camera" that takes the picture, it's "the person." As evidenced by the "in focus" photo above.

Sophia was not in a smiling mood this morning for her photo shoot. She wouldn't even smile for mine and GiGi's rendition of the Wiggle's "Hot Potato." The nerve! I'm utterly shocked that I was able to keep her bite, bruise, and scratch free for a week, which is probably why she wasn't in a smiling mood!

Oh and in regards to the photo above, I just wanted to say that contrary to what every other human on the planet thinks, I don't think that Sophia looks like my Mini Me. And on another note, thank GOD that I'm getting a hair cut next week. I haven't had one since last May, how freakin sad!


Anonymous said...

Mommy and Me! What a beautiful picture! I love you both!
Love, Grammy

Anne said...
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Jaidean said... cute! Great picture! I can't wait to see her 1st birthday pictures!

Anonymous said...

For the record, those chubby little cheeks came straight from you!!! It's a great picture.