Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A-splishing and a-splashing

This girl is a NUT for bath time. Between 7:15 and 7:30 we can look at her and say "do you want to be a naked baby?" and she starts pulling on her clothes wanting them off (I guess we are gonna have to cut that out,we don't want her to learn how to "strip" too early)! Or she can be anywhere in the house playing but when she hears the water turn on she makes a beeline for the bathroom. Sophia has NEVER been afraid of the water. However, we do have a little problem. She constantly wants to stand up in the tub. I have visions of her slipping and cracking her little head. Then once again CPS would be called and Little Bit would have to go live with Gypsies. Damn Gypsies!


Stephanie said...

Precious! I let Gracie have full rein of the tub and have recently bought a nonslip mat because when I don't let her stand she gets mad and starts crawling. Haven't tried it out yet but I am hoping that will prevent or delay a fall! Can't wait to get these two in the pool, we may never get them out!

Anne said...

How cute! Ethan loves taking baths too! Where'd you get that bathtub from? Ethan would love to have one of those! He still has those old school baby tubs :) We can't wait to start the swimming lessons either!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a dollar for every time I say "ON THE BUTT" to my twinks, especially Emma. They get one warning then have to get out. It has resulted in Emma modifying her standing up to a Navy SEAL like frog crawl. Very cute.

Mommy is mean but no busted heads yet! They learn quick not to stand up. Andrea