Sunday, February 4, 2007


I never ever let Sophia have candy. Or chocolate, or cakes, or cookies or anything else "bad" for that matter. It's healthy food only (not that I myself eat only healthy food but I figure that I'm too far gone at this point). But when I saw a woman on my photography board take some photos of her cutie patootie daughter with the ever classic "conversation hearts" I just had to try it. Unforuntately my photo shot didn't turn out even remotely close to hers (bad bad bad lighting). Despite the bad photos, watching Sophia take a few licks of candy was priceless. Here she is looking at her GiGi after I piled the hearts up in front of her. Doesn't it look as though she's saying "seriously?, I can eat these? Are you sure? Mom NEVER lets me eat this stuff!"


Anonymous said...

That's what Grammy's are for!! Love you Sophie B!

Anonymous said...

Little Bit was unsure for about one second. Then the battle was on to try to get the candy away from her.
love ya

Anonymous said...

She doesn't get any cookies? Ever?? No wonder she's a runt! YOu gotta give her some animal crackers or graham crackers or something! Meanie mommy!!!

Love, Andrea

Elizabeth Fayette-Crawford said...

A little sugar here and there definitely couldn't make the little Sweetie any sweeter, but watch what she climbs up after you give it to her!

Kimberly said...

Ok guys I'm not that mean. She does eat graham cracker and animal crackers. Just no Little Debbies!