Monday, February 26, 2007

Ladies & Gentlemen....

please allow me to introduce, Sir Elton John! Here's Sophie modeling one of Gracie's birthday presents. Gracie turned one today so on Sunday we headed over to her house to help her celebrate. When the girls saw each other both of their mouths hit the ground and you could see the wheels a turning.

Sophie: "Hey don't I know you?!"
Gracie: "Hmmm you sure do look familiar!"

They looked so cute sitting and eating their cake. Like two big girls! But their day didn't end with cake. At 5 we headed to UC to partake in our first swimming lesson but that's a whole other post. Anne came armed with her camera and I'm sure captured some ubber cute moments. I mean you can't get much cuter than a little boy in a surfer outfit and two little girls in bikinis! So stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Sophie B looks to cute with the shades. Miss Gracie I hope you had a very happy birthday. Can't wait to go see you guys "swimming".
love ya

Stephanie said...

Sophie must have a pair of the shades! She is darling! I am hoping to get Gracie to keep them on Saturday for pictures...yeah right! I heard they had a big day today playing together and they were both passed out when I picked up Grace.