Saturday, February 17, 2007

Not Meant to Be

So a higher power and the forces of the universe just DO NOT want Sophia to have her pictures taken this weekend. Period. End of Story. First there was the mauling of her face by another kid, which actually has been healing quite nicely thanks to my "witch doctor" remedies. But apparently, the forces that be decided the left side of her face wasn't "jacked" up enough. How's this one for you: this morning Sophia got to watch her favorite show "Go Baby" in mommy and daddy's bed. Sure enough after it was over she crawled down to the foot board and SLAM, right into the foot board she goes. The result, a busted eye lid. Resulting in a lovely gash and partial black eye. Of all the luck in the world! Anne, I'll be calling you sometime tomorrow. Please please please tell me that you are free next weekend. In the meantime, does anyone have a football helmet in a toddler size that I can borrow for the next week?


Anonymous said...

Oh I sympathize! Not only does Evan have a still healing gash on his forehead from the green bean incident, now he has a pump knot the size of a golf ball on the back of his head from hitting it when he and Andrew were wrestling. My only advice...get a good first aid kit!! LOL

Jaidean said...

Oh, poor Sophia! I think there is something about 1st birthday pictures needed bruises and scratches on the face - I say go for the pictures anyway! I will be a good memory regardless!