Thursday, February 1, 2007

Real Cute

Unfortunately we have a climber on our hands. I turn my back for one second and this is what I see when I turn back. As cute as Sophie B. might look in this picture it deeply disturbs me. I have visions of her falling off something and breaking an arm or leg. The next thing you know we'll be at the ER and they'll be calling in CPS and I'll have to explain that my 10 month old daughter apparently thinks she comes from a family of circus performers! And they probably won't believe me and they will haul me away and Sophia will have to go live with Gypsies. I should have named her Sophie D for Danger. I am either raising a future Olympic gymnast or stunt junkie! What in the world can I do to stop her from climbing? I walked into daycare today and the crazy girl was trying to climb up a wall!!!!! A wall, just a plain ole ordinary wall!


Stephanie said...

I have one also...she has learned to climb up onto the couch by stepping on her toys and she is working on climbing into the bath tub (of which I am sure she could do if I would let her) and climbing out of her crib!

Anne said...

oh dear..... I'm afraid to say things have only just begun!!!! Wait til she figures out how to climb in and out of bed, the couch, the tub, the toybox..... now I'm sure Ethan and Sophie will get along great. They're both adventurers! :)

Kimberly said...

Steph and Anne, we might have to get these three kids together for a play date, preferably in a padded room! And Steph, when I caught Sophie trying to climb the wall at daycare, Gracie was right beside her trying to climb too!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can just look at Sophie B and see that she is thinking "what can I get into now". I think the FUN is just beginning.

Anonymous said...

It runs in the family! I caught Evan on top of the refrigerator the other day. Andrew of course mapped out the route for him, but he climbed up there by himself. They were on a mission to get the play-dough!