Monday, February 5, 2007

Tickle Me Sophie

This past Christmas I jumped on the Elmo TMX bandwagon. I searched high and low for this fury red creature despite the fact that my then 9 month old daughter would be more interested in the paper he came wrapped in . Constantly checking websites and store shelves for this elusive toy, I was reminded of the great Cabbage Patch Craze of 1985. I remember my own mom standing in never ending lines just for a chance to buy a Cabbage Patch Doll. Well turns out a wonderful lady that I work with picked me up a TMX right before Xmas, and it turns out that Sophia really does LOVE her Elmo. But it's definitely more fun to tickle Sophia. Will ya get a load of that face!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing sweeter in the world than hearing Little Bit laugh. She is such a happy baby. Kim, by the way, those Cabbage Patch dolls are in the attic!!!
love ya

Janice said...

What a lucky girl getting an elmo Tmx. I tried getting one for my kids this past Christmas without any luck. Sophie is a cutie!!!