Sunday, January 7, 2007

Tis the Season

Last year one of Steven's co-workers told him about a conversation her little boy had with his kindergarten teacher. It went something like this:

Teacher- "How many seasons are there in a year?"

5 year old little boy-"Five"

Teacher- "No, there are four."

5 year old little boy- "But my mommy always talks about five seasons: winter, spring, summer fall, and tax season."

Ain't that the truth!!!! At least when you are married to a tax accountant it is the truth. Soon we won't see Steven during daylight hours. Poor Sophia is probably going to forget what her daddy looks like! As of right now we are "planning" on visiting daddy's office every Wednesday to have dinner with him. Otherwise, Sophia will be in bed by the time he gets home! But I found the perfect accessory for Steven's desk to lighten up those dark depressing days when he is slaving away in his little cube. Tax Deduction. Enough said!

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