Friday, January 5, 2007

The "eyes" have it

I ask you, how adorable is this picture? Actually, I take that back, I don't even have to ask. I love this picture soooooo very much. Her big bright eyes show so much expression. Every time I look at this picture I wonder "just what was this kid thinking at this very moment." Everything is new to her. Even things that we take for granted, such as eating a kiwi for the first time or climbing up the stairs. Sophie's eyes are always open wide, as though she is "taking in life" around her. I love that we get to experience new things along with her, it makes you appreciate the small things. (this photo was taken by Anna Finlay Photography.)

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Elizabeth Fayette-Crawford said...

Miss Sophie B is absolutely beautiful!! It sounds like family life is treating the 3 carrs and a boxer well. I am excited to keep up with all of your daily adventures. My sister has a blog and that is the way I keep up with my nieces. It is a great idea. Happy blogging!