Friday, January 5, 2007

3 Carrs

So this is us. One happy family, minus our dog, Oscar the Boxer (he was on vacation when this photo was taken.) But including ole Oscar, I'd like to say that we are a fabulous family (I enjoy the word fabulous so I'm sure you will see it used often.) I've decided to start a blog. With family and friends being spread out all over the eastern seaboard (and some out west), I figure that this is the perfect way to keep everyone updated on our lives. More importantly I want to document our amazing, crazy, drama filled, laughter filled, kooky, never boring life with Miss. Sophie B. Oh and I just got a fancy schmancy new camera so once I get photoshop up and running I hope to add a picture a day, so stay tuned. (this photo was taken by Anna Finlay Photography.)

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