Thursday, January 25, 2007


Contrary to the appearance of the above photo, my baby is sick. I knew we were in trouble when the runny nose showed up. The runny nose lead to a cough. Then last night poor little Pipsqueak began sounding like a barking seal! Last night was horrible. She laid in her crib sniffling and coughing (which would cause her to shoot her pacifier out), and whimpering. It was the most pathetic sound I have ever heard and it broke my heart. I hate it when she's sick. She can't tell me where she's hurting and it truly is heart wrenching.

So we headed to the doctor this morning. You would NOT have thought she was sick by the way she was tearing into the paper on the table! (By the way, I'm so glad that we have a wonderful doctor who could give a hoot that we waste almost a whole roll of paper every time we visit. He usually tells her to "go to town on it," and she does!)I do believe that I am fine tuning my mommy skills because as I predicted, Sophia has an ear infection. Along with some serious congestion, an oozing runny nose, which has begun to bleed because it is so raw, and a swollen throat. We had to get the trifecta of drugs for her ears, nose, and throat. My kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy!


Aunt Susan said...

Hope the Princess gets better soon.
These times are the hardest for parents. You are doing a great job and so eloquent at describing all of your times with Sophie. I feel like I am there sometimes!
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your little one is so sick. It's hard for Mommies to see their babies not feeling well, but I am sure she will be much better very soon, maybe even by the time you read this. Keep up the blog~~I enjoy it so much.