Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Everyone meet Gracie. She's Sophie's bestest friend. These two have been together everyday since they were only three months old! And wow how they have changed over the last seven months. They use to spend their days chilling in a swing, napping (well Sophie not so much), and drinking bottles. Not anymore, those days are OVER! They now have something very important, mobility. With mobility comes trouble. See the plastic blocks in these pictures. These "barriers" divide the playing side of their room from the sleeping and eating side. Well it didn't take long for these two to figure out how to go over the barrier. First went Sophie. Then went Gracie. As her name implies, Gracie is very graceful going over the barrier. She gingerly slips one leg over, and then the other. My child goes over head first in an Evel Knievel type dive and she has the bruises to prove it! Aren't they cute?!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Emma was going to be her BFF!!! Well, as soon as Sophie can walk and color on walls, I'm sure they will be. Hehe. Just wait, my dear. Just wait.