Monday, January 29, 2007

Daddy's Little Helper

This past Sunday marked a huge milestone for Little Bit. She moved out of her infant car seat and into her big girl car seat (but still facing backwards of course). Her new seat is Lazy-Boy all the way. Brown suede with lots of room to stretch out for those long trips to and from daycare. Here she is helping her daddy put it together. She was a little too helpful and the whole process took longer with her help. But she just looked so darn cute trying to be a little assistant!


Anonymous said...

So cute! Take any and all help now and whenever you can get it. The time may come when it will be hard to get her to help!! She is a little doll and I am really enjoying watching her. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Britax baby! I think they should make them in adult sizes. They look more comfy than MY seats.