Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Quick One

I don't have much time this evening. I'm busy doing laundry because on Saturday we are headed to Indy for Beth's (one of my sorority sisters) wedding. I can't wait to see all of my old friends!Little Bit will be hanging with GiGi and Papa this weekend.

I'm slowly going through the photos that I took of Sophie one evening on the beach. I took almost 100 but the ones with her and Steven look to be the best so here are a few more for now. From going through all of my photos I've noticed that I have a problem. I seem to take more photo's of backs rather than faces! What's up with that? This first pic is very similar to the first vacation photo that I posted.

And here's the first one in black and white. But I think I like the color version better.


Anonymous said...

I think I like the color one better too. Especially with the sun shining on the water. You do take a lot of pics from the back, but I like them. It gives the person looking at the pic the same view as the person in the pic. It's very could call it your own unique photo style! :-)

Have fun in Indy and be safe!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Oh, I don't know--that black and white one is pretty precious, particularly since Sophie is wearing that white dress!

Neurotic Att'y said...

I love those pictures! And, really, there's something to be said for the back shots. It's as if you're just sitting back, admiring the beautiful relationship between your husband and your baby girl, and isn't that the way it really is?

Oh, and I'm feeling you on the eating and drinking kids will be all about the snacks, too, if it's hereditary!