Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ok for some strange reason, blogger isn't letting me put a title on this post. Hmmm.. Anyway, I'll be honest, day one started out a little on the rough side. We drove during the night and arrived at the Grand Strand around 6 am. We handed Sophie B. off to her PapPap Sam and Steven and I manged to sleep for a few hours but that definitely was not enough. Especially when you wake up and have to deal with a one year old who sawed logs while her mommy and daddy drove all night, a two year old who was up and ready to go, and two five year olds who wanted to break out their boogie boards! But we sucked it up and had some fun on the beach. We also managed to squeeze in a visit before dinner with my college friend Maria and little Miss. Ashley. Maria and I were best buds during our stint at WVU. She lives in DC now and I don't get to see her very often. I was so excited that we were all going to be at the beach together! I had yet to met Ashley and she's already 7 months old!!!

Chubby legs on the beach!

Sophie and Ashley meeting for the first time. Ashley is the happiest baby I have ever seen in my life! And Sophie was all about giving her kisses!

Getting ready for dinner. HOWEVER...they sky opened up and poured down rain after this shot was taken. Needless to say we ate dinner the first night at BURGER KING! Can you believe that, I still shudder at the thought!!! But when a kid's gotta eat, a kid's gotta eat.


Shana-Lynn said...

Look at those chubby little leg on the beach! Love them.

Okay, I am totally jealous now, I so badly want to go to a beach right now.

Janice said...

Hey, we love us some Burger King every now and then!

The picture of Sophie and Asheley together are so cute!!!

Kudos to you for going on vacation with a toddler! John and I are big scaredy cats when it comes to taking the kids somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey kim sophia looks so happy to be at the beach im glad you guys had a great time. Tell sophia i said hello talk to you soon alicia

Maria said...

How cute does Sophie look in her cover up! But I have to say it was even better to get to see her in person! Her and Ashley are going to be wild women!!

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

Love the pics of the girls!!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I'm there with you--Burger King would not have been my choice!

Love Sophie's dress! That is one of my favorite Gymboree patterns!!

Neurotic Att'y said...

LOL! The picture of the chubby legs is lined up almost perfectly with the face-on shot above it, so it gives the illusion that Sophie's chubby little legs are on backwards! Too funny! Such cute pictures, but, gees, she is growing up way too fast!!!