Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

This just cracks me up. Could she possibly be any more laid back in her Mini Mouse chair!

Sophie has recovered nicely from the peanut incident. But I am beyond livid with the new day care. So this morning we are going to visit a new day care. I actually know a few people who go to this day care and they love it. They are NAEYC accredited and they are PEANUT FREE!!! But there are some negatives too. #1 there are 20 kids per room with 5 teachers. That's just insane to me. And #2 they aren't exactly sure which room to put Little Bit in. There is the Toddler One room which ranges from 11 months to around 19-22 months. And there is the Toddler Twoo room which ranges from 19 months up to 2 years. If she goes into Toddler One, she'll only be in there for a few months and she'll be moved up and she'll have to transition all over again. But if we start her in the toddler two room she'll be the youngest squirt by about 5 months but she'll be able to stay put for well over a year. I'm just not sure if she can hold her own with a bunch of almost 2 year olds. So this morning we are going to go visit the two rooms and try to figure out the best fit. I'm sure I'll pick the wrong room! My record is not looking good in the day care department!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so sorry you have still having day care issues! I hope your visit went well!

At Jonathan's daycare, they have two toddler (12-23 months) rooms with ten children and two teachers per room with one additional "floater" teacher. I think the state ratio in KY for one year olds is 6 to 1. I agree with you that it seems pretty crazy, but Jonathan definitely gets the attention he needs and wants, so it seems like an OK number. His school is also certified, which I think is a plus.

His school is purely by number age, so there are a mix of one year olds in the room. He transitioned to the toddlers when he was 11 months and had no problem holding his own with the older twos, in spite of the fact he was small for his age. Maybe they will let you try both before you make a decision??


Wendy said...

Well, I can put my two cents in right? I would personally do the younger room. It is always fun being the smarty pants cuz you are a little older. Playing with the older kids and not understanding may be hard. And, the other kids will move up to the older room along with her, or within not oo much of time!! Then she can keep her friends as they move up instead of having to make new ones because they move up and she is already stuck in the room. I guess typing it, sounds like it 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other. Anyways. LOVE the picture and the title. Too cute. Glad the whole peanut thing is over, and good luck with the daycare. Keep us updated.

Janice said...

Thank goodness Sophie doing well. That is a tough call with picking out which room you want her to be in. Maybe she can try out the Toddler Room One first since she'll be with the kids her age and she can transition with them. I am sure which ever room you pick Sophie will fit right in. And looking at her sitting on that Mini Mouse chair - she will be as cool as a cucumber in her new daycare! Hope it works out for you! :-)

Maria said...

Picking a daycare is the hardest thing. I am not sure what I would do, but I can't believe the ratio is so high. In VA the state law is 3 kids to 1 adult until they are over the age of 2. And that still seems like alot of kids if you ask me, but that is why I could NEVER work in a daycare of be a teacher... I don't have the patience, those people are saints.