Monday, June 11, 2007

At the Car Wash....

Workin' at the car wash, girl
Come on and sing it with me
(Car wash)
Sing it with the feelin' ya'all
(Car wash, girl)

And lets not forget that it's "better than diggin a ditch." Strange song. Anyway...on Sunday Sophia got to help her daddy wash the cars. She was a great little helper except for the part where she'd throw her rag on the groud, get it covered in grass and rocks, and then throw it back into the bucket of soapy water. An act that would have given PaPa Scott a myocardial infarction. Our silly girl HATED the water hose. I thought that all kids were suppose to love water hoses?! Mine hightails to safety when she see a hose! But come on now...I definitely think that Little Bit could raise more money at a car wash than those little high school hoochie mamas!

And can one of you computer savy, photoshop elements experts, out there point me to a nice and simple tutorial on how to make a header for this here blog o' mine. It needs some jazzing up and I don't know where to start!


Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

Love it! We wanted to do that this weekend too but stupid Hurricane is under a drought advisory or something and we were afraid we'd get turned in or something. Plus our local popo are up and down our road all the time. Can they arrest you for wasting water under a drought? And did I spell drought wrong? I need to go to bed.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Sophie is most certainly the cutest car washer I have ever seen! That bathing suit is adorable!

If you get any tips on a header, please pass them along! I really want to do one on my blog, too, but I don't even know where to begin!

Maria said...

I love it, esp the 2nd one, it looks like she is pointing out a spot that her daddy missed!

Stephanie said...

Too cute! Gracie was no help when I washed my car, she kept sucking the soapy water off of the rag!

Janice said...

Now that song is going to be stuck in my head! Sophie looks like a pro washing daddy's car! Love her bathing suit!

Ok, as for banners/headers - I don't know of any tutorials but if anyone is interested I can try to help. :-)

Anonymous said...

the first picture looks like she is striking a sumo wrestler's pose. gotta love that girl
love G

Wendy said...

Oh those rolls are so squeezable!! She would definately raise more money!!!! Look slike a fun daddy and lil bit project!!

Anne said...

you're right....... those hoochie mamas have NOTHING on sophie in that bathing suit!!!!!! that cracked me up so bad.... and for some reason when I saw that I thought if I had my own girl, I would've put her on the hood of the car and taken a photo of her holding a burger (I'm so weird!!!!) LOL

oh and I don't know elements, but i can help you with photoshop. or I can make you a banner if you want! just tell me what you want on it.... :)