Friday, June 8, 2007

Bucket O' Soph

My friend Beth (who's shower we wrecked havoc on a few weeks ago) just sent me this picture of Sophia. By the time this shot was taken the shower had just finished up and we were getting ready to head home. Notice the hair-do. This is what rolling around on any near by couch, chair, or floor will do to a girl's hair. Not a good look. But I do love Little Bit's rubber band and/or Michelin Man arms. Don't worry Beth I promise I'll be childless at the wedding!


Maria said...

Kimberly, Sophie was nothing but adordorable at the shower! I am so glad that yo brought her so i could get to see her. Ashley has become a wild woman to...... watch out Myrtle Beach here they come!!!!!!

Janice said...

I want to squuze those Michelin Man arms - she's so cute! Love the bucket, too!

How's daycare going?

Kimberly said...

Janice- The new daycare is going great!!!! Steven takes her in the mornings and he says that half the time she doesn't even look back to say bye...she's off to play!