Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well we made it back from our little after tax season get-away! This year it just happened to be my birthday too. So before we left I got to take a spin on my new ride...

Can you say awesome? Because that's what it is! Complete with a horn. Now I just need to get a basket. I've already cruised the neighborhood in search of a wayward kid who didn't come home when his dad called for him. Not to worry, my pink bike and I were there to save the day.

We spent 2 nights in Columbus. One at the Easton Town Center (for me, since it was my birthday and all) and one at Ft. Rapids indoor water park (for Miss. Sophie B.). We got to meet up with my old college roommate on Saturday for lunch at the Cheesecake factory. I hadn't see Carrie in for-evah. Her little girl, Cecilia, is too cute. But sadly, i didn't get any pictures of her. Could be because my little girl decided to act like a turd at lunch. But it was MY birthday, so she didn't stop me from partaking in a piece of tiramisu cheesecake after lunch followed by a piece of red velvet cake cheesecake for a late night snack. Seriously, just click on that link. To.Die.For.

Sunday morning we headed to Ft. Rapids. Sophie had a blast. Steven and I tolerated it. We snuck off on our own a few times to ride the bigger slides. It was a pretty cool place. This giant bucket at the top of the playset would dump over 1000 gallons of water every ten minutes totally drenching the entire place.

When we checked in the woman at the front desk hooked sophie up with $40 worth of tokens to use at the arcade. We blew through those and had a blast. Then big decision time came. What to buy with all of those tickets? I think she settled on a ball, a necklace, and a bunch of other crap.

Monday it was time to come home but we made a quick pit stop at the outlets so Steven could by a few new things for the new J-O-B he starts on Thursday. No more suits for him! We were rushed and Little Bit was in no mood to shop so I didn't buy a single thing.


Shana-Lynn said...

YUM...I love me some cheesecake!

Your trip sounds fun. We were there about 3 weeks ago but stayed in the Polaris area. We'll have to check out that water park next time.

Anonymous said...

love the bike want one


Jonathan's Mommy said...

Love the bike too! So adorable!!