Monday, April 5, 2010

C'est la vie

The French definitely say it best. "C'est la vie," that's life. So we won't be huddled around the TV tonight to watch our 'eers take on the Butler Bulldogs. But what a heck of a ride! I don't think that any Mountaineer will be forgetting this season any time soon. My step-dad has always said that "it's hard to be a Mountaineer fan." It's true. You can be built up soaring high one minute and nose diving the next. Maybe that's why mass quantities of alcohol plays a part? But through thick and thin there's also nothing better than being a Mountaineer. They might not have gotten their official "One Shining Moment" but I can safely speak for quite a few people who would say that they gave us many many many shining moments.

So on the regularly scheduled programing, it was also Easter weekend. A high holiday for some. But for the past 5 years Steven has been so busy with tax season that it sort of just flits by with out much fan fare. We don't go to church. And I'm not going to drag my butt to church one day a year just to be seen on Easter Sunday. So we relaxed at home. The Easter Bunny dropped a basket off at our house full Because according to Gi, she only has one grandkid. Period.
I'll post more through out the week about other Easter activities. Including a neighborhood egg hunt and getting together with some of our friends for an Easter breakfast and egg hunt. Until then, remember, c'est la vie.

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

We had a relaxing Easter too--glad we weer not the only ones!

I sure hated it that WVU didn't beat Duke!