Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Most Random 10 on Tuesday Evah

Seems like all I'm getting accomplished in the blogging department are these 10 on Tuesday posts. Guess it's better than nothing!

1. I'll be the big 3-2 on Saturday. Happy Birthday to me! Since January I've been telling my peeps different things I want for my birthday hoping that a few of them will stick. Tonight, I decided that I needed a margarita maker. This could say a lot of things about me. I like to think it's always a good time for a margarita! I might have to put that one on the 'buy it yo-self" list.

2. On Sunday we were sitting down at our dinner table for the 1st time in god knows how long (April 15th won't get here soon enough) eating a delicious grilled tilapia dinner. When Soph, in her gruffest most annoyed voice busts out, "ugh, you make the WORST things for dinner!" Steven told her that wasn't a very nice thing to say. Her response, "well, i'm just sayin'!" It's times like these that I SERIOUSLY have to step back count and count to 3. Because my immediate response wants to be: "go screw yourself, there are kids in Africa with NOTHING to eat!"

3. There are many many reasons why I love my hubby. But the number one reason is this:

He makes me laugh. Tears rolling out of eyes just about peeing my pants laugh. This look was thanks to .75 cents put into a gum ball machine at the pizza place. Sophie thought her daddy needed a mustache. We took our chance. The options in the gum ball machine were mustaches, 70's sideburns, or a fu manchu! I'm hoping next time for the fu manchu!

4. Did I mention that April 15th is this Thursday! Whooo-hoooo! Then Steven is taking off a few days before he starts his new job the following week. We'll be celebrating my birthday and the end of tax season in Columbus. I'm hoping to hit up the Cheesecake factory for me! Sophie can hardly wait to go to an indoor water park. Steven and I could probably go the rest of our lives and never go to one. This is why I need a margarita machine.

5. I've decided we need a basketball hoop in our drive way. I should say that I HAD decided to get a basketball hoop until I saw how much they those suckers cost! $400 or more! WTH, not like I'm going to be dunking on the damn thing! I was thinking neighborhood games of HORSE!

Fun fact- the first time ever playing competitive sports was 3rd grade basketball. I was a point guard. My first basket, for the other team. Awesome.

6. Summer at Snowshoe is upon us. Reservations are set for Memorial Day weekend.

7. I'm still saddened by the 29 miners who lost their lives last week. Andrea posted the perfect quote on Facebook that said something like "it is times like these we must remember that there are some who work in the dangers of the dark so that others may have light." My dad is a coal miner. Last week I took solace in the fact that where he works blows the tops off mountains rather than going deep inside.

8. I've been going through old pictures. I desperately need a scanner to upload some of them. Oh man. 1996 was kind to NO ONE. Among those pictures were my summer in Italy, 2002 baby. The summer that I discovered gelato. The summer I gained 15 pounds and couldn't fit into a bridesmaid dress when I returned. The summer that my traveling companion found out she was pregnant. And how we had to go into a French pharmacy in Nice and explain to the nice Nice pharmacist that we needed "un exam pour les bebe" while gesturing a big round belly like a mime. And how that night, after 2 pink lines popped up, I tried talking my companion into downing a bottle of France's finest. She wouldn't. I tried rationalizing that she had to be only 3 weeks pregnant and to think of the millions of people who get pregnant and are clueless well into 8 weeks and their babies turn out just fine. No dice. So I suffered because she could no longer partake in European debauchery and she suffered because I could. It really was a loose loose situation.

I have so many stories like that. Motherhood isn't the only "best time of my life." I started a blog so I wouldn't forget. But just like I don't want to forget the way Little Bit crawls into our bed to snuggle, I also don't want to forget the old me. The little things. That there is no crayon in the Crayola box that accurately depicts "Morgantown Gray." Or that in 1997 if you told me that I would be marrying that kid from the 3rd floor of Arnold Hall that I would have laughed hysterically. The me that got me to the point that I am today.

9. Maybe I should start a new blog, just pour moi. So my old senile self can "remember when." Or sprinkle some stories into this one but changing names to protect the innocent. :)

10. Gotta jet. Lost is on and dude, it's about Hugo tonight.


Paula said...

don't put too many stories from the 3rd floor on Arnold Hall...

Anonymous said...

lordy child, will you please stop changing your mind and/or adding to your B'd list. if I make it thru your B'd I may be the one that needs the margarita maker, lol.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I want a margarita maker too! They are awesome and margaritas make you so happy!

I like the mix of stories about Sophie and about you. It's nice to think about ourselves back in the day!

Jonathan got a mustache like that at a pizza place, too, but I can't get him to wear it although I desperately want him to!

Anonymous said...

Now, when you tell those "back in the day" stories, will your hubby be referred to as Steve-o or Bub?

Happy Early Birthday to you. Welcome to 32!


starfitch said...

I really enjoyed this post! The majority of blogs I read are mommy blogs and we tend to only talk about our kiddos, but we certainly did have full lives before marriage and kids! If you get a margarita maker, you must make some mango margaritas...mmmmmmmm

Shana-Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

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