Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. YAY for 80 degree days! We are just started into Spring and already the outdoor activities have started! On Friday we had a little neighborhood Easter egg hunt. I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood that does fun stuff. It seems easy here. Maybe it's because everyone is new and all it takes is someone saying, "hey i've got an idea, lets do an egg hunt!" So we did. I recruited a 10 year old to help me with the hiding. Seemed like it took for-evah to hide and toss 150 eggs on a field. Maybe it's because it was 85 degrees!

But it took like 5 minutes for these kiddos to swoop in and pick up 150 eggs! We didn't plan very well, so the eggs got stuffed with change, a few stickers, and a few pills that turn into bugs when dropped in water.

2. After egg hunting we were HOT. So out came the Dora hopscotch sprinkler!

3. On Saturday Katie's mom invited a few of us to an Easter Breakfast and egg hunt. Little Bit immediately bee lined it to the Easter Bunny and the face painting clown. But instead of a cute little bunny painted on her cheek, she went for the whole enchilada. Actually, Emma did too....

4. Cutest godson ever!

Ok, so the only one I have but still the hat is over the top cute!

5. He is one of my biggest fans.

6. And she is slowly getting there.

7. Got the paint for Sophie's room! It's a Benjamin Moore paint called "Robin's Nest." And I've got a theme to go with it, "3 Little Birds." I've found a place on Etsy that can make a vinyl quote to go over her window that says "Rise up this mornin', Smiled with the risin' sun." But what color? White, black, pink? Ugh.

8. I know I wouldn't use it that much, but I really want to by a DVD projector like this. I saw ads for it back at Christmas for $100 and wanted it then. But now I'm REALLY itching for it. I'm picturing Drive-in style movies out on the drive way or in the yard with bags of popcorn and blankets. So I've got my eye on a few of them on ebay.

9. Is anyone big into Twitter? I signed up about 2 years ago but never really got into it. To be truthful, i just don't get it. I don't get the @ signs and # signs and RT's and etc. I got back into Twitter just so I could stalk WVU basketball players when they started posting videos and pictures on their way to the Final Four. I even managed to get one of them to follow me. Do you think he appreciates "tweets" from a 32 year old mother of a four year old telling him to "lay off the Iphone and hit the books." I'm sure to be "unfollowed" any day!

10. I love love love finding new bloggers to follow. And boy did I find a whopper of a blogger to follow thanks to Erin Cobb. Her name is Kelle Hampton and she's a photographer. And she's the most honest blogger I have ever "met" in cyber world. She's been blogging for awhile. But her post about her daughter born with Down Syndrome is the most heart opening words of honesty I have read in a long long time. That it took her 2 year old daughter to teach her how to love makes me pause, look over at my own Little Bit and be in total awe of her innocence. She's colorblind, unjaded, unbiased, and there's yet to be a cynical bone in her body.


erin said...

Love this ten! Thanks for the shout out...Kelle is amazing, isn't she?!

Jonathan's Mommy said...
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carriewv said...

Lord, that was the most emotional thing I've read in a long time. I was crying all through it. Wow.