Monday, March 1, 2010

On why I hate the snow...

These were taken awhile back and I'm pretty sure that I posted them on facebook but I thought that I would post them here as well.

Notice that I'm not in any of these pictures. That's because I quit hanging out in the snow many moons ago. There was a time (maybe a few years in high school and college) that I thought I needed to be a great skier. Scratch that, I wanted K2 skis, a cool Columbia coat, and cute black tight ski pants.

Now I realize how insane it is to sit on a ski lift, at night, with the wind ripping your face off, while your fingers get frostbitten. Cute or not, it ain't worth it. And I bet I couldn't get those tight ski pants on if I greased myself down in Crisco! And I never became a great skier. I sucked! I had to talk to myself the entire way down the mountain: "If you want to go left, put your weight on your right." "Now to go right, put your weight on your left."

In fact, the last time we went skiing was probably 7 years ago when we were engaged. We went to Seven Springs with Steven's sister and his cousin. 5 minutes after exiting the car Steven I had already gotten into an argument. And less than an hour into that little trip, my skis were kicked to the curb and I sat inside the lodge by the fire. Thus ending my skiing career.

It pains Steven that tax season coincides with ski season. That is perhaps the one good side of tax season. Otherwise, he'd be dragging me around from one ski resort to the next.

I think I'll let these two share the winter sport activities together. While I watch from afar and take pictures or hang out at the bar.


Anonymous said...

HaHa-I remember that ski trip! I can't say that I miss those days either! Sophie looks soo cute in her snowsuit! -Amy

Maria said...

This is excellent, next winter Shawn and Steven can take the girls skiing and me, you and eli will hang in the lodge! Wine and milk by the fire anyone :)

Kimberly said...

Fabulous idea Maria!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I've never been skiing and don't intend to try it--I hate the cold and am horribly uncoordinated! Glad I'm not the only one! :)