Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Broken Arm Saga

So completely ignore that previous post. I guess I had been operating on the "no news is good news" state of mind when I hadn't heard back from the radiologist about Soph's arm on Tuesday. Turns out, there was a failure to communicate! Normally, once the urgent care takes x-rays and sends them on to a radiologist to look at, the radiologist's office faxes a report back to the urgent care and then mails the report. Well in our case that fax never got sent! So it wasn't until THURSDAY that the snail mail delivered the original report to urgent care and we found out that yes in deedy do, we have a fractured arm. Luckily an hour later we were able to get into an orthopedist's office. And an hour after that we had a hot pink cast!

Can you believe that we let our girl walk around with a broken arm for a freaking week!? Can you believe that this girl is tough enough to walk around with a broken arm for a week!? She is one tough cookie! And I'm sorry but that's the cutest cast I have ever seen!

It's not a bad fracture. If she were older it wouldn't have even been casted. But this way she isn't restricted. Except for gymnastics. And her birthday party. :( You can't jump in inflatables with a cast on your arm. You might knock another kid out! So those are on hold for awhile.

And luckily she only has to wear it for 3 weeks. So it could be worse. It could be six weeks. It could be a cast up to her elbow. And it could be the middle of July and 90 degrees!

So this one goes down in the record book. Under the "broken bone category." The "my parents didn't believe me" category. The "doctors SUCK" category. And the "my chronically ill dog obviously wasn't that sick if she can break my arm" category.


Paula said...

that is craziness

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Insane! She looks like she's come through it OK though :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Sophie! She sure is one tough cookie though! -Amy

Shana-Lynn said...

Awwww...poor girl. She indeed is one tough girl! Glad it will only be on for 3 weeks though.

Anne said...

Aw poor Sophie... I can sympathize! LOVE the hot pink cast!