Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Description of Injury

So Monday I took one Sophia B. Carr to the Urgent Care for an injury that happened on Friday evening. (i know good mom right?) I had all but decided NOT to take her (I know good mom right?) until I got a call around noon from day care telling me that Sophie had screamed bloody murder when a kid accidentally grabbed her right arm. So we went. And we waited. And finally it all went down like this:

Super nice Doctor: So do you want to tell me how you got hurt?

Little Bit: (Speaking 90 miles an hour) Wellllll.....I was runnin' and Stella was chasing me and I ran into mommy and daddy's room, and Stella knocked me down, and I crashed into the wall and hurted my arm.
AND Stella is our puppy. We use to have Oscar but he's up in heaven so now we have Stella.

Super nice Doctor: Oh gosh I'm sorry to hear that.

Little Bit: Yeah, it happens.

And there you have it Doc. I bet you didn't know you were going to learn a very important life lesson when you went to work this morning.

Turns out that I wasn't too bad of a mom. No broken bones!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

There have been a few times when we through Jonathan was bluffing only to find out that he was actually sick or injured. Nothing too major. It's just so hard to tell with four year olds--they are so dramatic!

I'm glad she's OK, though, and I bet that doctor remembers her for a while!

Shana-Lynn said...

So glad she didn't have any broken bones. We recently had to take Aubree to the ER when she fell out in the snow and hurt her back. Luckily nothing was wrong but we spent 3 hours there and had many xrays, just to be sent home with motrin. But you just never know!