Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top o the Morning

Here are some fun facts about leprechauns. A leprechaun's principal occupation is that of a shoemaker. Hence, the tapping sound you may hear when one is in the vicinity. According to legend, the little suckers are aloof and unfriendly, and live alone. They keep a secret a pot o gold with them at all times. If you are lucky enough to catch one, he can be forced (but you have to threaten him with bodily violence) to reveal the whereabouts of his gold. BUT you must keep your eyes on him AT ALL TIMES. If you look a way, even for a second, he'll vanish along with the hold. AND the craziest thing about leprechauns. They are major pranksters. Case in point:

Can you believe the little devil TPed Soph's room while she was sleeping!!! Her exact words upon waking up were, "This is UNBELIEVEABLE!" And "we are NEVER going to be able to get that toilet paper off the fan." According to Little Bit, the leprechaun had entered her room searching for gold. When he didn't find any, he got ticked off and "trashed the place." Pesky leprechauns. Next year we'll be making a trap.


Anonymous said...

love it!!! the look of her face is priceless.

Anonymous said...

love it. i would have done something like that to my kids if i would have thought of it


Jonathan's Mommy said...
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Jonathan's Mommy said...

Jonathan's room at school was also trashed by a leprechaun! How pesky!