Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time for 10

1. I'm still without TV and I'm just about ready to lose my mind. The Direct TV guy needed a 40 foot ladder to attach the dish to our house and a sub-contractor has to come and fish a line through the wall. I've decided that Sophie and I can just stay with my mom tomorrow night because I can't miss Lost for 2 weeks in a row.  

2. There is a grave yard in my new subdivision on the hill across from my house. I'm dying to get up there and check out my new neighbors. It looks super old so I'm morbidly curious to see who is buried there. And even weirder, one of my first thoughts when I noticed said grave-yard, cool photo ops!  

3. We had our first house guests on Saturday. Grammy and PapPap came down to visit and to help with a few things around the house. Now that we have room, we can't wait to have more guests!

4. Oscar the Boxer is in for a shocking surprise in a few weeks. We are getting an underground fence installed to keep his butt in our yard. Although, I'm glad that the thing has a money back guarantee on it because this dog doesn't seem fazed by much. I can see him calculating the risks of running through it. My money is on him saying "screw the shock, I'm running after that deer."  

5. And speaking of Oscar the Boxer, he is now officially OUT of our bed and on the floor where he belongs! In our old house we didn't have room for a dog bed in our bedroom and he ALWAYS has to be with someone. So I splurged on an orthopedic dog bed to put at the foot of our bed and he's been in it ever since. YAY!  

6. Little Bit is making her modeling debut on Saturday morning. HA! I got an email about a local photographer and a children's boutique doing a search for kids for their new spring/summer line of clothes so I signed the old girl up. Although I'm not quite sure if pig tails and pink chucks are the kind of kid they are looking for!

7. Gracie is having a birthday party at McDonalds in a few weeks and Sophie finds this to be the most exciting thing, EVAH. I wanted a McDonald's party in the 80's but alas the closest
McDonalds was far far away. 

8. Do you think a cat could suffer from identity crisis? We are getting a boy kitten for Sophie's b-day, however, she insists on a girl kitty. So I figure it will be fixed anyway and we can just give it a girl name. That will work, right?

9. We are headed to Disney on Ice with Andrea and the Twinkies on Thursday. I haven't even told Sophie yet because I didn't want to hear the the constant, "is it time to go yet?"

10. I can't believe I'm posting this picture. What's up with my black slits for eyes? VOMIT!


Jaidean said...

That is a great picture!!!

Anna said...

Such a cute fam...
At least you a little bit are looking at the camera. :)

Paula said...

yea! a family photo. my friend kathy is looking into tickets for that when they come up to pittsburgh..let me know if it is any good. I would be DYING without TV. I would give up internet and phone before I would give up my TV. I feel for you.

maria said...

those dog beds are worth every penny! the janovichs will have to come down for a visit sometime this spring!

Jenny said...

What a great family photo! I hope Sophie remembers the rest of us after she becomes a famous fashion model...Have fun at Disney on Ice, I can't wait for Jackson to get old enough to take to stuff like that!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I think y'al look really cute in that photo!

Disney on Ice sounds super fun, I bet she will love it!

Anna said...

Soo I got my boxer a shock collar and its awesome! If she goes out of the area it will continue to shock her until she goes back where she's suppose to be.. I love it! Also it was much a headache to do at first..

Anonymous said...

we are recording lost as a write this. that is a very nice pic. hope the fence works for oscar

Rhianna Shea said...

little squinty eyes run in our family... mine are WAY worse than yours! haha
I think they came from Papa and the origin of that is beyond me.

I didn't have tv or internet for the first 2 and 1/2 weeks of living in my house! at least you could use technology at work! I actually got a library card just to check my email!

Janice said...

1. I can't believe you've missed LOST last week. Hope you were able to watch it last night - although to be honest you didn't miss much.

2. Very cool! Have you seen Amanda Keeys' graveyard photos with her children? Love her work!

6. I hope I get to see some photos of your little model!

8. How about a name for your cat that could be for either a girl or boy like Sam or Alex? Or a celebrity baby name like Bronx, Brooklyn, or Zuma? :P

Janice said...

P.S. What are you talking about??? The family photo is great!!!

Frootie! said...

I had a boy cat named Rachel as a kid. It worked. The kitty won't mind! I can't wait to hear what Sophie thinks is the perfect name for him!

Shana-Lynn said...

You family photo is awesome!!!