Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yard Sale

Every year my neighborhood has a huge yard sale. And the last 2 years I've made big bucks! So this year my friend Missy joined me and we were ready to make some cash! We'll be heading to Florida on Thursday so some extra cash is always nice! However, the high school decided to have an even bigger yard sale. So business was on the slow side and we ended up practically giving stuff away just so we wouldn't have to pack it all back up! But one person, Miss. Harley-Jane made some serious cash on her lemonade stand.

And seriously, how could you pass up .35 cents a cup, PLUS a cookies, AND no tax! 
When I was little, I think I would have given my left leg to have a REAL lemonade stand. One that people actually  stopped at didn't just drive on by. So needless to say, I think that yesterday was pretty fab for Harley.

Here's her little sister, Emmy. Sophie had some serious fun running around all morning with her.  I think between the two of them they had 15 cups of lemonade and 20 cookies! 


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That sucks that you didn't make a lot of money--bummer!

I too always wanted a lemonade stand--it looks like so much fun. And what a great price for a drink and a cookie!

Anonymous said...

too bad you guys didn't do better with your sale. Harley and Emmy are both very sweet girls. I liked that lemonade myself, not to mention the cookies.

Jami said...

sorry you didn't have better luck with the garage sale. I think I'm going to have one this year too.

Paula said...

Sorry that your sale did not go well. I know that last year went really well. Lydia and I cannot wait to get our hands on the leftovers!

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

I see the rainboots making another appearance! Can Emmy really be that big now???

Shana-Lynn said...

That is such a cute picture of Harley with her lemonade stand. I never had a lemonade stand but I used to sell the real healthy stuff...kool-aid.

Sorry your sale wasn't as big of a success as before.

Have a fab. time in Florida.

Buffy said...

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