Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mary Poppins

A strong wind just might come and blow her away! Not! Old girl is SOLID.  

So we almost came home with an 8  week old kitten. A teacher at daycare this afternoon had two of the most adorable little kittens I have ever seen! Sophie practically melted right then and there when I picked it up. She even looked up at me and said "I want it!" It was at that point that the director of the daycare looked at everyone in her office and said "she's one of our more "assertive" toddlers. Uh, yeah, you can say that again. We've been talking about getting her a kitten for awhile now. BUT the timing just doesn't seem right. We'll be going out of town a lot in the next coming weeks. And I wanted to have the big girl room set up before we brought in the cat because said cat is NOT sleeping with mama. I already have to share my bed with a 70 pound boxer.  Ugh, I'm torn. The lady said if we wanted it, she'd bring it back tomorrow. Decisions decisions! 


Anonymous said...


She needs the cat -- let her have it! She will love it. Plus a cat is not as much work as a dog (or 3 dogs). It will be easy to care for b/c they are independent. But you may not want to listen to me b/c I have way too many pets:)

Carrie S.

Anonymous said...


If you make sure the alligator is gone from GiGi's backyard, I'm sure she'll be happy to share custody of the kitty.

Aunt Paula

Janice said...

Get the cat!!! Sophie will love it! I say this because you know I'm a cat person. How do you think Oscar will react if you take it home?

The rainboots are adorable!!! Great photo!

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Who are you kidding? You know you're taking that kitten home! I've loved Sophie's rainy day pictures! So cute!

Megan said...

Get it! Get it! :)

Anonymous said...

here's the quetion... how can you NOT get that baby the kitty?
love the pics

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Love the rainy day pictures!

Jonathan wants a cat, too, but I am really not a cat person, so it's not a hard sell on my end.

Shana-Lynn said...

Get the poor kitten, it needs a really good home!

Quasi said...

Please get the kitten. And then I’d like to tell the kitten that I’ve written a scathingly funny book, The World Is Your Litter Box, which is in bookstores now. The book is cleverly disguised as a cute cat book so humans will buy it, but is, in fact, a how-to manual FOR cats. Check it out on my website,