Monday, February 13, 2012


Guess who has been itching to go roller staking?

Nope, wrong choice. Me! I've been dying take Little Bit skating since she got roller skates for Christmas. I use to love love love roller skating. But I never had my own stakes. I always had the lovely orange and brown rentals. And guess what? I think that Skateland of Huntington has the same exact orange and brown skates that they had back in 1986! In fact, I can guarantee you that the skates are exactly the same. As is the carpet on the walls, the lockers, and the bathroom stalls with no doors!

Gracie got some skates for Christmas too so the girls got to break them in together. Ever cautious Gracie slowly and steadily made her way around the rink. She did awesome! Soph was more of a crazed lunatic and had I not held her by the hand or made her hug the wall we would have had a detour to Scott orthopedics!

And me? All.Over.It. I admit it, I parked Soph down with some Cheetos and a drink and told her that "mama would be right back after taking a few laps!" HA! And they still play the same games that they played back in the 80's! Four corners, red light/green light, Ghost Busters! Remember that one? Every time the song says, "Ghost Busters!" you have to turn and go the other direction. Ah, good times.

Anywho, we shall return.

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The Lewis Family said...

We took Madilynn over the weekend too! She was terrified but had fun! She used the adjustable fisher price ones! My first ever pair was the adjustable one but they were metal! LOL!