Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Class is in session

So we played school today. This is the down side of not having any younger siblings/minions to play with. I get forced into being the student. I so loved playing school when I was her age. --Tangent--Come to think of it, I really wish I would have continued loving to play school and taken it all the way to becoming a teacher rather than a lawyer. Hello, summers off?! But I lasted 2 days as an education major at WVU. I went to my first "education" class and they told me that I would have to keep these big giant journals and binders about student teaching and different group projects I said, "peace out." I packed up my transcripts and walked them back over to Woodburn Hall where I would remain a political science major and try out law school. What kind of warped person ditches a teaching degree and chooses 3 years of law school as the easier route? Someone morbidly twisted, that's who! Me!

Anyway, I didn't have any minions either so my stuffed animals and cabbage patch dolls became my minions. I think we need to work on this because I can guarantee that they would be much better students. I' m constantly running off to put laundry into the dryer or answer the phone. But it is cute to see her standing at her little chalk board. And using one of the TWO finger pointers that we now have. We were learning about the word and number "one."

Oh and we got a new game called Hedbandz.

I shall say it again, I.Love.Board.Games. I can't wait until we can actually play Life, and Clue, and dare I say, Monopoly! The game that never ends! Would you like to hear about the lamest dorkiest game of Monopoly EVER played? That would be the game of Monopoly played by a bunch of 2nd year law students. A game that involved beer, mergers and acquisitions. Good god. I can't even believe that I just admitted to playing that game like that on the world wide web! Maybe we won't play monopoly. Like EVER.

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