Sunday, November 7, 2010

Right now...

Her favorite show is I Dream of Jeannie.

She wants a violin for Christmas.

We told her she can't have a violin because she doesn't know how to play a violin. She insists that she does in fact know how to play a violin.

She is happy that soccer is over. She says that getting a trophy was the best part.

She likes to tell people to "break a leg." She doesn't understand what context to use such a phrase.

She loves to play school.

All of the sudden she loves to color.

The number of hard boiled eggs she can down is disgusting.

She has handled Stella's passing better than I ever dreamed.

All of the sudden she has hit an "I want stage!" If she keeps it up, I'm thinking she can be Veruca Salt for Halloween! I would actually make a good one of these!

She still loves Gracie more than any other four year old on the planet. Next year, when I drop her off on her first day of kindergarten it's going to break my heart that they aren't there together.

Right now she's closer to 5 than 4. I don't want a five year old! 5 is big. But 5 she will be and we've already got big plans for 5.


Anonymous said...

she's a crackerjack!!!!!!!
I do wonder how those two will adjust without each other next year. It will be interesting but hopefully you guys will make sure they still get together alot. Just think of all the good things they will have to talk about then.

Anonymous said...

WOW-I can't believe she is starting school next year! She is growing up sooo fast!! Love the picture of her and Gracie! They will not know what to do next year without each other!