Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Baby!

I don't know why I love Halloween so much. I truly enjoy it more than Christmas. Maybe it's because with holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter you have all of the headaches of "who's house" you are going to and all of the stress of making your rounds. Halloween is just all about fun and lets your creativity fly! The hard part with a kid is steering her away from commercial stuff. It takes a lot of child psychology to convince a four year old that a 50's poodle skirt is more fun than a princess.

Complete with Ebay saddle oxfords!

But one costume isn't enough. Not when there's a great Halloween party just down the street. Family costumes require more thought. So without further, adu...

The Three Amigos!!

Steve Martin as "Lucky Day". Martin "Short" as Ned Nederlander. Chevy Chase, as "Dusty Bottoms."

And you know we won this:

Little Bit thought being an Amigo was cooler than cool. Expecially after I showed her a few clips on youtube. I only wish i would have caught our salute on film! Props to Steven for wearing that get-up! He walked down to the neighbor's house by himself. And you know that EVERYONE just happened to be outside as he strutted his stuff down the street! Bwhahaha! I'm puffy heart PROUD of the fact that I whipped up the three amigos costumes myself. My mom helped me with the ties and cumberbuns and a friend at work helped me to draw on the hat designs. Homemade costumes ROCK!

Now the big question, what to do next year! Only 365 more days to plan!


Anonymous said...

Sophie looked adorable with her poodle skirt. The three of you dressed up is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Steven is wonderful to go along with all your crazy ideas. Can't wait to see what's next.
there was no doubt about who was going to take that trophey!

Frootie! said...

Love all the costumes! fantastic ideas :)

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Those are amazing costumes! Did you sew and everything? You seriously have some mad skills!!

Kimberly said...

Jennifer. No sewing required!! We just cut off the jackets and they were fine! And I used heat bond for the cumberbuns to hem the edges. Then i went puffy paint crazy!

Anonymous said...

When you have that much talent, I think you can legitimately put it on your resume (with pictures of course). I worry just a bit that some of your enthusiasm could be linked to puff paint fumes. Take care. Aunt Paula

Anonymous said...

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