Sunday, November 14, 2010

Horsin' Around

Little Bit and I had a little girl's trip this weekend. I got my thrills walking through IKEA. I can't WAIT to go back! I was a little overwhelmed. Soph wanted to be checked into the play area while my aunt and I shopped. AWESOME! Every shopping place in America should have a "check your kid in while you shop" option!

Next up, my aunt's house. Where from the minute we walked into the door Sophia wanted to ride a horse. Can we ride Angel? How about now? Now? When? Soon? If given the opportunity I think she could be a totally obsessed horse girl. The same as my cousins. They wore horse sweat shirts. Had horse necklaces. Horse toys. Horse notebooks. Anything you could slap a horse on, you name it, they had it!

I've mentioned before that I am deathly allergic to horses. I'm talking throat closes up, can't breath, allergic! But the way she lights up around them is the cutest thing. My aunt bought her her first pair of real cowgirl boots on Friday. They haven't left her feet since. The girl can shovel horse poop like it's her job. She says that you "have" to take care of them and they obviously can't stand around in poop mom, duh! So true. I say, grow up, marry rich, and pay someone to shovel shiat! So who knows what the future holds. I don't see us EVER owning a horse. Like I said, see the first sentence of this paragraph! Riding lessons aren't cheap either that's for sure. Maybe she can go to "horse camp" at my aunts every summer for her horse fix! She could be a 4th generation Tennessee Walker girl!

Kisses from Junior. Never would you see me getting this close to a 1500 pound animal. And not just because of the allergies, hello, he could kick her too the moon if he wanted! The kid has zero fear.

Got a little freaked out up there by herself. Junior is BIG!

Angel is definitely more her speed. Small and sweet.

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