Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Discussion on the way home from school:
Me: What should we get Gi for Christmas?

Little Bit: Poop, ha!

Me: Soph that is not nice. You shouldn't say that.

Little Bit: I know what i can do, i can poop in my hand, put it in a box, wrap it up and put a bow on it! Then give it to her and she'll open it and say, "SOPHIE!"

So does poop and 4 year olds go together like peanut butter and jelly?

2. Little Bit and I are taking a little road trip. Tomorrow we are heading to Grammy and PapPaps for the night. Then on to Pittsburgh to meet cousins and my aunt where we are going to hit Ikea. Confession: I have never been inside an Ikea!
After that little jaunt we are heading on up to my aunt's house where Sophie will bee begging to ride horses and I'll be downing benadryl like it's my job!

3. The date is set for the 2nd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. A karaoke machine has been located and rented. I.Am.Pumped!

4. My big girl gymnastics class has been cancelled. I'm heart broken. Never have I had more fun doing a type of exercise. And as an added bonus to my class I got to hang out with gay men. I didn't realize how much I missed hanging out with gay guys until I started that class. And now it's gone, and now I'm in a depression.

5. We decided not to do gifts or a gift exchange with all of the cousins this year. Instead we are going to do something fun with the 7 of them. Like bowling, or swimming, or bouncing. Such a good idea! Good idea aunt Lawa!

6. Bed time has become a horrendous venture at our house. The problem, napping at school. Although, I have discussed this problem with her teacher all I hear is that her school is a "napping" facility and that they can't make an arrangements for kids who don't need and/or want to nap. Of course the kids don't "have" to nap but they do have to lay quietly on their map. Well of course they are going to fall asleep due to sheer boredom! Makes for long evening here and a grumpy kid in the morning!

7. Saturday is a big day for Miss. Sophia. She's going to have her first sleep-over at a friend's house. And you'll never guess with you. HA! Big surprise, Gracie! And Stephanie is crazy enough to let this go down. Bets on whether or not we get a call at 10:30 pm to pick her up!?

8. I plan on getting a jump start on decorating for Christmas during this time. Sweet!

9. So I'm thinking about rounding up a bunch of neighborhood kids and forcing them to go door to door Christmas caroling. Sounds fab doesn't it? We'll see if I can bribe them into doing it with promises of cookies and hot chocolate. I'm thinking that I might be able to talk these 3 into it!

10. I'm out!

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Anonymous said...

That little Soph cracks me up! She is nonstop entertainment for you all! Can't wait to see her tonight! Ty's been asking for her for the past 2 days now too!!