Monday, June 1, 2009

10 on Tuesday Eve

I don't think i've done one of these in awhile but I'm home a little early and by myself so lets go!

1. We had a house warming party on Saturday night. 2 things to note. #1 Sophie B. has no clue that a party went down. She spent the weekend at Grammy and PapPaps. In her words she was "on acation." #2 our house held up but Jesus is it LOUD! I don't know if it's because we have somewhat high ceilings or the fact that I don't have anything on the windows yet, but it was loud. No more parties until Christmas time, and then we are gonna try and do an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (thanks Janice for that idea!)

2. There is now a half of a cow in my freezer thanks to my dad. It was a small cow but it's still A LOT of meat. I'm making a prediction that in six months we'll eat ALL of it. We love some red meat around here. Actually, Steven would pretty much rather die than eat chicken.

4. So my cousin is planning a wedding on September 25 at Station Square in Pittsburgh. Should be good times right. WRONG. The White House announced last week that the United States will play host to the G20 Economic Summit in Pittsburgh PA on September 25. When my aunt called me, in tears to tell me my initial response to laugh my arse off. Pittsburgh???? The leaders of 20 countries are going to meet in Pittsburgh?? Boy I bet they are counting down the seconds until they can visit the Steel City. Seesh, the last one was in London. Maybe they'll get to take a ride on the Gateway Clipper or ride the tram up Mt. Washington. 
     Anywho, my point is that the Sheraton called my cousin and basically said, "you can have your wedding...BUT...what ever country they are hosting at our hotel that night will want background checks on every guest in attendance, for security reasons you probably won't be able to be married outside on the terrrace, and tell your guests good luck even getting into the 'burg." Grand just grand.

5. Sophie and Gracie are movin' on up at daycare! I'm excited for her but at the same time I'm going to miss some of her teachers. That's the stinky thing about day care. You get to know the teachers and the next thing you know, it's time to move up.

6. There's not sh*t on TV this time of year. Sucks.

7. My friend at work has SOMEHOW talked me into taking pilates 2 days a week AND yoga 2 days a week. My core is gonna be rock solid, under the layer of blubber that is covering it of course.

8. Lyndsay's birth photography absolutely AMAZES me. I like to try photographing a birth sometime, any volunteers?? 

9. We are still awaiting the arrival of our FREE Wii that I won from the First on my list, Wii Fit!

10. I think Steven could move to the mountains and be perfectly happy for the rest of his life.


maria said...

well, you can always stay at my house for her wedding, i live about 2 miles from station sq

Jenny said...

The party was a lot of fun on Saturday night! Great food!!!!

We'll have to make another trip up to Snowshoe soon!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

That Pittsburgh story is too funny! If you hadn't been so descriptive, i would have sworn that was a joke!

I am so with you on daycare. I get as attached to the teachers as Jonathan does (if not more!).

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

The birth photography freaks me out honestly. I do NOT want others in there with me! I actually have most of those pictures like the ones on her site with my now dead Kodak and my dear husband.

The party was fun, but next time we decide to traipse on construction sites near midnight I'm bringing tennis shoes!

Anna said...

Hopefully it won't be windy for the pics like it was for us. :)

Sophie looks cute in her suit and swimmies. Have fun w/ yoga, pilates and the new wii...

Anonymous said...

should be alot of fun with the family pics. I agree with Anna and hope its not as windy as it was when we did it.

Paula said...

if you are willing to wait a year or two, i might let you try out birth photography with me...i really regret not having those types of photos now that i see the beautiful ones that she does..but i was pretty adament with mark the first time around NO VIDEO and NO PHOTOS...