Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday's 10

It's been a few weeks since I've done a 10 list. So here goes!

1. Sophie is doing GREAT without her paci! But her naps are still few and far between. It seems like the only way we can get her to take a nap over the weekend is to lay her in our bed and turn on Shrek the 3rd. She's seen it so many times that she now sings Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die" at the drop of a hate.

2. In October Sophie and I are heading down to Isle of Palms in Charleston SC with the girls. Meaning my mom, grandma, and my aunt and cousin who live in Kansas. The beach house is absolutely ADORABLE. We are still hoping that my cousin Kelly can come along but she has 4 boys so it's hard for her to get away, especially in the middle of football season.

3. Steven and I have something MAJOR sitting in our foyer. FOR SALE signs for our house. Within the next month or so our casa is gonna be going on the market. Not sure where we are gonna go but we want to unload this sucker before we do anything. We have some work to do first, namely rent a storage unit and unload 50% of our possessions.

4. A few of Sophie's old day care teachers from her first day care are now at her new daycare and I am pumped because these girls are really awesome!

5. Our second gymnastics class is tomorrow and Little Bit has a new leotard and a Dora sports bottle.  Cool.

6. It's also official that my office is moving downtown. We should be there by Nov 1. If you saw where my office is now you'd be excited for me. It's out in no mans land away from civilization. 

7. I'm now on book 3 of the Twilight series and I have GiGi totally hooked. I'd now like to find myself an 18 year old vampire.  Oh did I just put that in writing? 

8. This past weekend was my friend Carrie's WVU tailgate/baby shower. The game SUCKED but the tailgate food rocked. Wings and processed nacho cheese. You just can't top it.

9. Two of my friends are having Halloween parties for kids. Why o why can't someone have an adults party :(.

10. And speaking of Halloween, Sophie's costume came in and I immediately tried it on her. Do you want to see it? No really, I probably should wait until the month of October rolls around. Like I could keep a secret!! This one suits her to a tee! Drum roll please....................

Tada! Told you! And Miss Gracie is gonna be a cow girl! 


Stephanie said...

I can do an adult party also! I love adult halloween parties!!!!!!! I am soooo on it! Sophie looks adorable and after Gracie saw it now she wants to be an "injun" (in her words)!

CBRESQ said...

Love the costume - she is one cool looking indian. Hope your house sells fast and I hope when it does you have another place all picked out.

Anonymous said...

lovin the pic. I mean, how many little native Americans do you see with red finger nail polish.

Anonymous said...

love th costume and tues 10

Paula said...

Love the costume..good luck with the house

Anonymous said...

Love the costume! Amy

Jami said...

Good luck with the house! I love the costume. I'm stuck on what to buy the kids.

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

First of all, LOVE THE COSTUME!!! What a cute picture! Second of all, the Junior League of Charleston is having their annual Boo Ball on October 25. It's a costume party. $40/person. I can forward you the info if you're interested.

Janice said...

That costume is super cute!!! Good luck with selling the house - so did you guys do the "Sell This House" thing and staged it for the buyers? John and I think about moving everytime but we're too lazy to clean our house, he-he.

And yes, the Twilight series is AMAZING!! I finally just started reading last night and stayed up until 3am reading because I couldn't put the book down!!!