Monday, September 22, 2008


1. Well I cleaned out my closet this weekend and pack away and or threw away all of the things that no longer fit. Needless to say, my closet is almost totally empty. C'est la vie. 

2. We aren't going to the WVU/Marsall game this weekend. I can't possibly be inside Mountaineer Field if the unthinkable happens. And after the game last Thursday, the unthinkable just might happen.

3. It has literally taken me 2 entire days to recover from the wedding we went to on Saturday night. I think it's the staying up late that did me in and not the martinis! 

4. My crazy kid is under the impression that Daddy's first name is "Babe." Yesterday she looked right at him and said "Babe, can you get me chocolate milk."  

5. She also looked right him when he asked her to close to door and said "In a minute daddy, I watchn' Dora right now." Excuse, the heck out of us! 

6. I finished up the Twilight books last week and I'm kicking myself for reading them so fast. I never thought I'd say this but I like them more than ole Harry Potter.

7. All of the fall shows will be starting soon, EXCEPT for Lost. It doesn't start until '09. Talk about keeping you waiting!

8. Only a few more weeks until Sophie B and I head down to Charleston SC. My cousin and I are gonna check out a ghost tour. Apparently Charleston is one of the most haunted cities in the US.

9. Little Bit now prays before going to sleep. It's cute, until you realize that all she's doing is stalling the inevitable bedtime by "god blessing" her entire family, extended family, friends, day care teachers and classmates, stuffed animals, and Mary Lou Retton. 

10. Did you guys know that it's only 93 days until Xmas! That's only 5 more paychecks. Steven and I aren't doing Xmas this year since we are going on a trip for our anniversary the week before. 


Anonymous said...

loving the pics, especially the first one. I'm sure the lord appreciates Sophie's effort in the prayer department. I don't even know if I'm going to watch the game Sat. could be really ugly.'

Jenny said...

There are worse things that Sophie could think are Steven's first name, "babe" isn't bad at all- we know you aren't being too mean to him this way! :)

And I totally agree about Saturday, it could be very ugly!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Those pictures are really good--her eyes look amazing!

I'm on the second of the Twilight books. I LOVE them too! I am going to try to wait and read the second two on vacation next month but I don't know if I have that kind of will power!

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

What cute pictures! The whole "babe" thing totally cracks me up! Guess it's a good thing he Steven doesn't piss you off much...then it'd be "@sshole, can you get me a chocolate milk?" LOL.

Shana-Lynn said...

Babe, I love it! Aubree's into calling us by our first names lately.

I love your pictures, Sophie looks so pretty.

CBRESQ said...

If the Mountaineers blow it this weekend - I am demanding that all my student loans be forgiven. I cannot understand why we are so bad right now.

Anyway, pics are great, as always. I am going to be in town Oct. 3 & 4 - so maybe we can get together.

Jenny said...

BTW, you totally inspired me and I cleaned out my closet today- it's looking pretty empty in there right now, but fitting into some of the clothes that I still had was just a pipe dream!

All the Chadwicks said...

Haha - at least she knows he a boy. Bella told her PopPop he was a good girl the other day! And she has almost the same line for Dora - but it was "Don't touch me Mommy, I watching Dora, Mommy don't kiss me, can't see Dora." And she also says "watch dududud dora like they sing in the song! haha Your pics are awesome as always of Miss Sophie.

Jami said...

LOL at blessing Mary Lou Retton! She is so cute!

Megan said...

Babe! HAHA!!

Janice said...

Kim, the photos are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I am also sad that I read the Twilight series so fast because I just couldn't wait to see what happened next. Sophie calling you guys "Babe" is just the cutest!!!!