Tuesday, September 23, 2008

John Deere Green

Fact #1: Farm equipment is not Little Bit's idea of fun.

Fact #2: Farm equipment was my idea of fun when I was little. 

Fact #3: This particular tractor has a giant unicorn looking stick on the end of it that could stab and lift an elephant! Yikes! 

Fact #4: The concept of a shirt completely loses it's meaning between the months of May and October for my nutty dad.

Fact #5: My nutty dad is crazy about Sophie B. 


Jamie said...

She doesn't look too happy!!
And yes, that spike is really scary.

Sweet picture regardless :)

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Good picture! Jonathan would LOVE that tractor! Maybe Sophie will acquire a taste for farm machinery??

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

OMG, my son would die for a tractor ride. Particularly on a John Deere.

How is the pumpkin patch going?

CBRESQ said...

I think she would like the tractor better if it was a red one:) Can't help it - I am an International Harvester/McCormick sort of girl.

The bale spear is a nice touch though - it makes it look scary. She may enjoy it if the loader bucket was on and she got to control it - always a hit with me.

Anonymous said...

too bad they didn't keep you little riding john deere tractor you had when you were little. Bet that tractor was to loud for little bit

Janice said...

Poor thing. She still looks cute even when she's scared. This is totally Cameron's idea of fun.