Monday, September 15, 2008

30 Months

Dear Sophia,

Well little one, we've reached the half way mark, you are officially two and a half years old. It's sometimes hard for me to wrap my head around that fact. A month ago, I held little 6 pound Jackson in the hospital. I tried putting myself in Jenny's place, in that hospital room.  The memories are obviously etched permanently in my mind but they just seem so long ago. How you went from a 5 pound 15 ounce itty bitty baby needing us for everything, to a 30 pound big kid who would sometimes rather die than have us do anything for her is still a mystery to me. 

You actually haven't gotten into too much trouble this month. Although this past Saturday at Jordan's 1st birthday party you made me want to crawl under the table and die. There was Katie's dad going through the food line. He puts his plate down for one nano second and you wedge your little body right next to his a lifted a pineapple chunk right off his plate. Nice. At least you did look up at him and say "thank-you." I think we need to learn some manners. We'll definitely be practicing before we go trick-or-treating. Otherwise, you'll probably walk up to the candy bowls and help yourself!

You have a new favorite song these days and it brings a tear to my eye every time you belt it out. "Country woads, take me home, to da place, I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama ( or mountain Sophie, depending on whether or not you are in an egocentric mood), take me home, country woads. And hearing you sing "Jesus Loves Me" is priceless. Although yesterday morning when I asked you if you wanted to go to church you boldly pronounced "I don't like church."Well then, you obviously don't need to go. 

I've also mentioned that since the paci went off into the wild blue yonder, your naps went up in the air as well. This totally 100% sucks. And that's all I can say about that. Maybe one day you'll understand the magnitude of a 2 year old deciding that they no longer need to nap. And when that day comes, I'll be sure to laugh my arse off. 

Pretending seems to be on the rise around here too. When we let you build a fort under the kitchen table your eyes light up like it's Christmas morning. Usually you pretend that you are the "daddy" and you say "bye, family, I'm going to work now." I guess after I drop you off at daycare you assume that I'm going to hang out at the country club. I need to get you straightened out on that one! 


Well Little Bit we've got a fun month ahead of us. A trip with the "girls," Halloween, and a ton of Halloween parties. And I'll be there watching you take in everything, trying to etch all those things in my mind, like that day 30 months ago when I held you in my arms for the first time. 

Love mama

And all of these pics were taken yesterday at the pumpkin patch. They are growing like crazy! 


Anonymous said...

loving the pumpkins. the look on Sophie's face is in the 1st two pics is just too funny. btw, just how many pumpkins did you guys get?

Anonymous said...


Jenny said...

I thought she did great on Saturday- of course I'm still new at this mommy thing! She's is growing up so fast.

Those are some good looking pumpkins!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Oh, that makes me want to go to a pumpkin patch! I love the look on her face in the second one.

Jami said...

Time does go by way too fast. You have some great pumpkins!!

Shana-Lynn said...

Happy 30 months!!!

Katie said...

Such cute pics in the pumpkin patch. Are we still planning a trip down there sometime soon? Dad was not even phased by the fruit thievery, so don't give it another thought. I loved having Sophie sing Country Roads while we decorated for the party.