Friday, August 24, 2007

Morning "Nack"

That's Sophie speak for "snack." Here she is eating some grapes at Grammy's. And of course she's running around with no pants on. We're Red Necks, what can I say. But it's too darn hot to sleep in PJ pants so I usually let her sleep in just a shirt. Isn't her hair getting long? I'm debating on whether or not I should keep cutting her bangs or let them grow out and go for a bob kind of hair do. Thoughts?

I've also been a busy bee today. I'm teaming up with Stephanie (Gracie's mom), for one heck of a yard sale tomorrow. All morning I've been dragging stuff out of the attic and pricing away! I'm telling you if someone has a little girl they are gonna hit the mother load.


Shana-Lynn said...

Hey, how you do paint her toes? So cute!!

Good luck on your sale.

As for the hair, let it grow out. Just my thought though.

Kimberly said...

Shana...the easiest way to paint her piggies is to do it while she's in the high chair. But a few times she's let me do it while she's sitting on the floor.

Shana-Lynn said...

Okay, I tried it on Aubree while on the floor and I practically had to lay on her. Not a fun time and I only got two toes done. So then I waited a while and she kinda sort of let me do 4 more. To finish up her last 4 piggies I had to wait until my husband came home. He had Aubree on his shoulders and held her leg at the same time, so I painted really fast. She seems to like them painted BUT doesn't like the process. I think someone should have been video taping me, because it would have made a great youtube video or something.

Bella Baby said...

Haha - Isabella calls it a "nack" too - it is my favorite word of hers! Too cute. i am going through the same thing with my little peanut - to cut or let grow.... I have never cut her hair yet and she is now in the stage where it is always on her eyes and tickling her nose. It seems to bother me more than her though. I can't get her to keep any clips or pig tails in it anymore - I actually found her a few weeks ago with a metal clip in her mouth so I am glad I caught her before she swallowed it. I may just cut her some bangs!

Janice said...

I would love to do a garage sale but I can't get my butt in gear to organize all my crap. You guys are going to make a killing!

I guess you could call my kids the Asian Rednecks because they run around the house with no pants on, either. It's not because it's hot in our house (the AC is always on), it's just that I'm plain lazy to bother putting it back on.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

We do no pants, too, and it's going to be especially cute now that I brought Jonathan back some Robeez-like cowboy boots from my Nashville trip!

Hope you guys made a ton of money at the yard sale!

Anonymous said...

I think that a bob with bangs is cute on little kids -- plus I would assume easy to fix (not that I know much about fixing children's hair). Also,bangs and bob haircuts have been making a big comeback (on adults at least) -- very trendy:)

Carrie S.