Wednesday, August 15, 2007

17 for 17 Months

Wow. Tomorrow Sophia will be 17 months old. We are quickly saying c-ya to baby land and hello to toddler world. I'm not sure that we're ready but I don't think that really matters. Sophie B is a kid who's not gonna wait for anyone. She is a ball of fire, which is both good and bad. I told Anne the other day that she reminds me of a bull in a china shop. But as she breaking every dish, she sometimes pauses just to run back to us and give us kisses. Then she sets off again. So in honor of Little Bit's 17 month b-day here's 17 things she's been up to and/or into.

1. Still climbing on anything and everything. We've found her on the kitchen table, the back of the couch, the computer desk, out of her crib, in her high chair. The list goes on and on. She has been banned from buggy rides at day care because she wiggles out of the restraints and stands in the buggy.
2. Talking non-stop. Although 99% of the time we have no clue what she is saying.
3. She says "peas" for please and it's the cutest thing ever.
4. She LOVES to read her bee book and calls it "buzz."
5. She can say and point to her eyes, mouth, ears and nose
6. She's quite the little dancer and knows all of the motions to "5 Little Monkeys" the "Wheels on the Bus" and "the Itsy Bitsy Spider."
7. She has a million bug bite, bruises, and scrapes and scratches and they don't faze her one bit.
8. She now screams for "MY PATSY" (my paci) at nap time and bed time. That should be fun to take away in a few months.
9. She drags poor Oscar around the house on his leash.
10. She loves to pretend like she is putting on make-up.
11. LOVES LOVES LOVES to get her hands on my computer. Maybe we have the next Bill Gates on our hands.
12. She MUST start each morning at daycare with string cheese. And if Daddy forgets to bring it god help him, her entire day is ruined.
13. She has a thing for Jeff Wiggle because he's the one who goes to "SEEEEEEP" (sleep).
14. She can wash her hands but absolutely HATES to brush her teeth. This is a nightly battle.
15. She can say "pee pee" and loves to sit on the toilet with her Dora ring but has NO CLUE what "pee pee" actually means. Although she does know the sound "psssssss."
16. Petting the day care cats puts the biggest smile on her face. Although they've caught on and usually run from her.
17. Did I mention that she climbs on EVERYTHING?

And what's a post with out a photo. Here's our nutty kid in her b-day suit. I find the clinched butt cheeks to be quite amusing. She sort of looks like she's rockin' a mullet in this pic. I wish the back would get long enough to put in a pony tail. Oh and god only knows what she's pointing at.


Stephanie said...

So sweet!!!! The funny thing is I could cut and paste the exact thing into my blog minus the climbing on everything...thank goodness! Even the bee book, she buzzes and Kevin tickles her neck so that is what she thinks the bees do!!!!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

It's so sad that they grow so fast but it is also so interesting to see how they develop their own habits and preferences!

That picture is adorable! Water shoes are Jonathan's favorite right now, particularly since I found some Thomas ones on clearance at Walmart.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, our Little Bit is a ball of fire. I love all of the 17 things you mentioned and all the other 100 things you didn't. I can personally vouch for #12, since one day I forgot to take cheese with us to daycare. She laid her head on the table, crying and begging "peas cheese". I then got a lecture from Sophie's teacher. Trust me, I felt much worse than Sophie did at that point.
love G

Janice said...

Love her rolls and all!!! I Love how you said she HAS to start her morning off with string cheese!

Happy 17 Months, Sophie! Didn't she just turn one yesterday?

Maria said...

I love the butt shot!

Anonymous said...

Little Bit will soon be a toddler??? What is up with that? It seems like I was just visiting you in the hospital not long ago. She is adorable and I really enjoyed getting to see her last Sunday. She sang the "Wheels on the Bus" for all of us. You are doing a great job with her, but get ready...the terrible two's are coming quickly!

Shana-Lynn said...

They do grow so fast, don't they. I love this little naked shot of her, her rolls crack me up! Aubree doesn't have any rolls:-(

What have you been doing to keep her in her crib? I keep forgetting to ask you if that has gotten any better?

Susie PSU said...

Rolls and water shoes. Gotta love it!

Neurotic Att'y said...

Yeah, she is so going to hate you for that shot some day!