Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Almost 10!

A day late but I say that one day a week is better than nothing!

1. We are having so much fun with Chewy the Elf this year! I wouldn't say that he is in any way shape for form helping with behavior around here but he is fun to look for every morning. The fact that she actually believes that he leaves every night and comes back is proof of just how much fun Christmas is with a kid!

And Chewy is a wild man! Stealing Barbie's jeep and making a mess around the house.

2. On Friday we had our 2nd annual ugly Christmas sweater party! Oh my. I think i had a little too much fun on the karaoke machine that I rented. I'm not one to jump on a karaoke machine at a bar but at my own house, it.was.on. And props to my friend Andrea who sung her heart out equally. We started with 9 to 5 and ended with Summer Nights from Grease. At one point in between I remember rapping to Regulators. I hope everyone had a good time despite having to listen to us sing!

3. Klassy!

Mike is tall and I am short but seriously, he's not that tall and I'm not that short! I guess it's just the rockin' out stance that I've got going on!

4. My plan to round up some neighborhood kids to go Christmas caroling is coming to fruition! We'll be singing door to door next Thursday. Sophie can't wait and is beyond excited to sing to "all of the poor families without any children at home." I call those families lucky!

5. My father in-law underwent a laminectomy and a fusion yesterday. He has a rough road ahead but HOPEFULLY by spring he will be feeling a thousand times better.

6. Did I mention our big trip? The day after tax season and the day before my birthday, the Carr clan is heading to Puerto Rico for 8 glorious days! We rented a condo right near the resort where we were married. That way we have a full kitchen and we can kind of do what we want rather than be stuck at a resort. There is so much we want to do. But the thing I'm most excited about is a day of sailing and snorkeling on the Erin Go Bragh.

7. So we got a real Christmas tree this year. Not digging it! First of all, I hate that you can't put ornaments anywhere you want! Some branches just aren't strong enough to hold heavy ornaments. Then 3 days having our tree up, the trunk started splitting! I'm talking big giant gouge right through the trunk of the tree. If it makes it to the 25th I'll be shocked!

8. New neighbors = huge NC State Fans. We are thinking they might need a WVU flag in their yard!

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Neurotic Atty said...

No, they need a WVU garden gnome! It's subtle enough that they might not even notice it for a day or two!