Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Actually Tuesday!

1. My house is a wreck! I'm sure everyone across America has a house that is a hot mess right now. New Christmas stuff is strewn everywhere. There's a pink princess bike in my kitchen and a twister game spread out on the living room floor. I hate that she can't break in her bike outside so around the around the house she goes.

2. We've broke in this sucker.

I had one when I was little too. 25 years later and the cakes STILL suck. You would think that could have been perfected over the last 25 years.

3. We love us some board games around here. Santa brought Operation and Guess Who. No matter how many times you play Operation the buzzer still gets you ever time! Guess Who gets a little intense around here!

4. Winter. Over it. I'm thinking spring glorious spring and endless summer! I have already started making spring and summer plans just so I have something to look forward too! It seems as though there are so few precious weekends during the summer months.

5. One of those plans includes a bbq/cornhole tournament at our house this spring! We haven't "officially" broken in our new patio. And I love a good theme as does Steven (NOT) so I'm thinking extra points to the teams who dress alike/crazy. Why to I foresee me as being the only person dressing up?!

6. I now own a scanner. Oh boy! People are in for it! I have tons of pictures of people like this:

Yeah, that's me! What the heck is up with my hair?? Bangs anyone? Why do I have two giant rolls on my shoulders? Why oh why? If you graduated high school in the year 1996 and you are reading this blog, you just might make an appearance! As well as members of the Chi Omega sorority between the years of 1996-2000. Don't worry, I won't post any pictures of anyone doing keg stands. I wouldn't want any one's parents to have a heart attack when they thought they were spending thousands of dollars on a college education!

7. We have been pricing plane tickets to Puerto Rico every single night. At the time we booked our condo we didn't realize that we would be traveling back on Easter Sunday which makes traveling more expensive. It's a tragedy what in order to save hundreds of dollars on airfare we are going to have to stay in Puerto Rico an extra day. I guess the Easter bunny is going to have to go all tropical this year!

8. I'm going back on the wagon with the rest of the world next week. I've been living it large over the past few months and I've gained a lot of the weight that I lost over the summer back. Such a crappy cycle! But in the meantime, I bought a Cheesecake Factory red velvet cheese cake from Sams Club this afternoon. I have a few more days to eat every.single.bit of it!

9. T-Minus less than 3 months til our girl turns 5! No party this year. She says that since her birthday is St. Patrick's eve she wants to spend her birthday making a leprechaun trap and go swimming. So we'll do our best to make the traps of all traps then that Saturday we are grabbing some friends and heading to the Great Wolf Lodge complete with the sweet room with bunk beds!

10. I'm off to watch the mountaineers send Wolfpack packing! Here's hoping that if we lose, we don't wake up with one of those NC State spot lights shining our house courtesy of our neighbors!


Anonymous said...

I guess you'll be sleeping with shades on your eyes. Throw in a sleeping pill and maybe you can forget that game. Not their best. Oh well, there's always next year. Aunt Paula

WalkerBunch06 said...

Hi Kim!!! Found your blog and I remember that pic of you! CRAZY!!! Yeah, back in 1996, what were we thinking!?
Hope (Mayhew) Walker