Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 on Tuesday Christmas Edition

I swear I'm lucky if I even take the time to do a post on Tuesdays. It's not like I'm really doinganything that takes up my extra time.

1. So maybe I have mentioned before but I can't remember, anyway, we have NO internets at work. -- Side note, I like using the words internets. It's like people who use the word "walmarts." Some of these people are members of my extended family.

Side note over, back to the lack 0 internet. This sucks more than life itself. In fact, life almost ain't worth living anymore. I will probably go blind and/0r need bifocals within 6 months because I'm reduced to cruising the internet on an iphone. What's that? I could work? Shut yo mouth and leave this website now. So i've been listening to more and more Pandora Radio. Just this week I've realized how much I missed listening to Boyz II Men. Today my obsession became the "Straight No Chaser" station. You know those guys who sing the coolest version of the 12 Days of Christmas. On that same station they play the group Rockapella. Oh you know who they are! "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego!"

2. This past Sunday we had brunch with Santa. So nice! And a big thank you to Katie and her family for inviting us. I couldn't believe that our girl got a little shy when she first saw the big guy in red. But she knew it was do or die and she had one shot to request that PINK bike and a popo stick. Poor kids mean, "pogo stick."

3. Christmas caroling was a huge hit in the neighborhood! Thirteen little kids had a blast freezing their rumps off and running down the street ringing doorbells. One little 2 year old didn't really understand the ringing of doorbells but not going inside to hang out for awhile. Next year we are going to have to practice a little before hand. Rudolph went fairly well. Frosty the Snowman was on the sad side. After singing at 8 or 9 houses we headed to a neighbor's house for hot chocolate and cookies.

4. I'm currently reading "A Prayer for Owen Meany." Has anyone read this book? LOVE it. I have literally laughed out loud.

5. We are dog sitting for the next 10 days for our neighbors. Jett is a four year old border collie. He's so smart. And more importantly, he's not ours! The other people in my house can get their doggy fix and then he can be shipped back home. We definitely aren't in the market for a dog of our own any time soon.

6. "That's what I'm-talkin-about!" Favorite phrase of a certain four year old right now.

7. I didn't get around to sending Christmas cards this year. I had great intentions. I was planning on sending out this:

Actually, that should say "La Familia Carr." But I never got around to printing cards. I didn't get very many Christmas cards this year either. So either we've been blacklisted b/c I haven't sent cards in a few years or others are skipping cards this year too!

8. Bad self timer picture:

Friday we got all dressed up for Steven's work Christmas party. It's the one night of the year that I eat more shrimp than swims in the ocean.

9. I've been itching to go skiing! This is crazy talk. And I know that Steven knows better to believe me when I say that I want to go skiing. I hate skiing and complain the ENTIRE time. Maybe it's just the idea of skiing that I like. Deep down I think I want to stay at a ski lodge and send Soph and Steven out skiing. I'll have soup waiting for them when them come back.

10. Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Sophie looks BEAUTIFUL!! She looks sooo grown up! I love the picture of her and Santa! Great pic of you and Steven also! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Love you -Amy