Saturday, November 28, 2009

He's Back!

Guess who was parked on top of our Christmas tree when we walked in from all of our Thanksgiving travels? Chewy, the Elf on the Shelf! I thought Sophie B. would pee her pants when she spotted him hanging out on a branch. So he's back and he's taking notes to report back to Santa.

His story somehow landed on her bed. We had to read it immediately. Of course the most important thing about Chewy is that he can't be touched. Once touched, his magic disappears. Then I guess you are SOL because there is no one to report back to Santa whether you've been naughty or nice.

And of course we had to do some goofing off with the Christmas ornaments.

Now we are parked on my bed watching old school Rudolph. Tis the season! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I love the whole concept of Chewy. Sophie is going to have wonderful Christmas memories. Glad you guys made it home ok.

Neurotic Atty said...

I sent Lily an Elf this year. Leslie read her the story and said, "So you have to be good, or your Elf will tell Santa that you've been bad." Lily said, "Not really. It's just pretend." The little brat. Les insisted that he was real, so we'll see if Lily gets on board. She named him Chimney, by the way.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Our elf, Brick, is set to land tomorrow along with our Playmobil police advent calendar. Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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